It’s the ultimate one-step content protection and monetization tool. It creates a digital barrier to protect your premium or blocked content, ensuring that only authorized users will have access to that content. Customers pay only for [+]


A browser-based reader that can be easily integrated into your web site, allowing you to make your full content available to consumers across Multiple Platforms, offering sneak-peek previews to interested readers. Blinu provides you [+]


The Blinu Control Panel gives Publishers the opportunity to distribute and sell their content in several different ways, segmented information and/or for periods of time, fully automated. Publishers can offer free trials [+]


Blinu collected countless data from readers, such as: preferences, devices, places where data is accessed from or read pages, this information allows you to identify the most viewed sections of any given publication so you can [+]


If your business model is based on selling advertising, this service will increase your profits. We provide spaces for your inclusion of advertising and give you all the information related to their behavior. Blinu gives you the [+]

E-Mail Marketing

Once your content is loaded on your Blinu platform, you’ll need to spread the news to bring in new readership. Create custom campaigns for each publication that allows you to virally market each title. Send a newsletter with [+]


If your site already has a sale and billing platform, we integrate your Paywall and/or E-Reader Blinu with it so you can continue selling and charging the way you do. When your customers press on the BUY button, they will be send [+]


An application that automatically reads text and has the ability to identify relevant information such as peoples names, places, books, music, movies... and uses that information to provide readers with access to related information, [+]


Blinu allows you to display any data format (HTML, HTML5, Flash, PDF, Videos, etc.) on any device and Operating System. We support the content in HTML5, as the best alternative for digital publishing.


All messages and texts of Blinu windows embedded in your website will be tailored to your preferred language readers.


The prices of your content will be expressed in the currencies you want.

Multi-Business Model

If your business model is to sell your content and/or the sale of advertising on your content, Blinu will help you.

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