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Last Updated: February 20, 2015
(Superseded For Readers dated July 13, 2013)

Blinu is your universal account for easily accessing paid online news on websites across the world.

You'll most likely encounter Blinu when you try to read an article or click a link on one of your favorite news sites. You’ll be asked to create an account – which takes a matter of seconds – to purchase access for a modest price. Then, we'll keep track of your payment information so that when you see Blinu on any other website, you can log in with the same e-mail address and password to purchase access with one click.

Set up your account once in a few easy steps and you're on your way.

How it Works

Most sites that use Blinu allow you to read a certain number of articles each month for free. But if you love the site and read more than that, they'll ask you to support their journalism with a subscription or one-time payment.

That means you're likely to encounter Blinu only on the news sites you value the most – the ones you read thoroughly every day. If you visit a site casually from a link on a blog, search engine, or social network, you'll still be able to browse for free.

Your Online Newsstand

Think of Blinu as an old-fashioned newsstand rebuilt for the 21st Century. Readers have always been able to browse a publication's pages for free – but they've always paid to read the news in its entirety. Some people want a quick glance, others want more. That's Blinu in a nutshell: allowing readers to sample information for free – in other words, a peek inside – but charging them a small fee to take the publication home.

Content You Value

Blinu affiliate publishers bring you the most original, distinctive, and valuable journalism they produce – the stuff you need to know and can't find anywhere else. That means reliable insight, not simply the headlines you can find everywhere. Whether it's news from the town planning or school-board meeting, a corporate strategy retreat, your favorite team's locker room, or a national-security briefing, it's the content you have come to rely on your favorite websites to provide.

And it's produced by publishers who make significant investments in journalists to bring it to you. That's why over the coming weeks and months, more and more websites will ask readers to pay a modest price for full access.

How to Join

Hundreds of publishers have already launched with Blinu; more plan to do so in the coming weeks and months. If one of your favorite publications is among them, just visit its website as you normally would, and you may eventually be prompted to subscribe.