Gift Subscription FAQ

Last Updated: February 20, 2015
(Superseded Gift Subscription FAQ dated July 13, 2013)

Can I purchase a gift subscription for someone who already has a digital subscription with the publication?

No. You can only give a gift subscription to a new digital subscriber with the publication in question. If the gift recipient is an existing digital subscriber, they won't be able to activate the gift subscription. Please ensure that the recipient isn't a subscriber before purchasing a gift.

How is the gift recipient notified that they have received a subscription?

The gift recipient will be notified via email that they have received a gift from you. You will be asked to supply the email address of the recipient and a notification date during the purchase process. An email containing a personal message from you and an activation link will be sent to the recipient on the date that you specified. If the recipient hasn't activated their subscription ten days from the original notification date, they will automatically be sent a second "reminder" email.

What if the gift recipient never received notification via email?

First ensure that the email(s) didn't end up in the gift recipient's spam filter. Some filters are very aggressive and it's always best to check there first. If no emails were found, please contact Blinu Customer Care via our online form or by email at

What if the gift recipient never activates their gift subscription?

All gift subscriptions will be automatically activated six months after the date of the first recipient email notification. The gift recipient will be sent an email containing information on how to access their account at that time.

Can the buyer cancel a gift subscription and receive a refund?

The buyer can request cancellation of a gift subscription only if the subscription has not been activated by the recipient or if the request is submitted within 30 days of purchase, whichever comes first. Activated gift subscriptions are non-refundable under any circumstance and the gift recipient is never eligible for a refund. Gift subscription cancellation requests are only handled by email at Contact form or email requests for gift subscription cancellation will not be processed.