For Publishers

Last Updated: February 20, 2015
(Superseded For Publishers dated July 13, 2013)

Blinu gives publishers the tools, data, and support needed to adopt a digital subscription model that drives revenue.

Blinu powers targeted e-commerce strategies – such as metering, segmented content, and all-digital access packages – that will convert your most engaged online and print readers into paid digital subscribers without turning away casual visitors.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure your digital subscription system succeeds.

Here's How It Works

  • Select your meter: Decide how much free content readers should have. This becomes your "meter". We’ll share data and recommendations to help you make the right choice – and you can change the settings any time after you launch.
  • Choose your subscription plan: Create your slate of digital subscription options to offer – including trial rates and bundles for your print subscribers.
  • Define your metered content: Tell us what content you want to charge for and which content to keep free. Click here for a full list of options.
  • Introduce all-digital access: Allow digital subscribers access to your brand across all digital versions with one account and password. Keep the direct relationship with your readers even as you incorporate iOS and Android apps into the package.
  • Launch: Add a few lines of code to your website.
  • Learn: Analyze and adjust your meter to reach the optimal settings.
  • Why Blinu?

    Everyone, from readers to reporters, is facing the consequences as news organizations of all kinds are forced to cut back. But with the help of our flexible, sophisticated e-commerce technology, our affiliate publishers sell access to their online content without sacrificing valuable traffic and advertising revenue.

    Think of Blinu as your own high-powered strategy and development team, equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and tools to help your publication earn digital revenue.

    Simplicity for Readers

    Blinu gives readers a simple tool to purchase access to paid content from their favorite publications. Once readers create a Blinu username and password, they may use the same login credentials to purchase content across all Blinu affiliate websites.

    Our Services

    Blinu offers three key services to help publishers successfully transition to paid models on their websites:

  • The Blinu Platform: Our software integrates seamlessly with your website and content management system, enabling you to launch a custom paid-content model without the headache of an expensive, lengthy technical build – and with more flexibility. And because users' accounts are universal to all Blinu affiliate websites, your customers can create one username and password to purchase access from any Blinu site with a single click.
  • Data and Analytics: How should you set your meter? Should you offer a $0.99 trial rate or two weeks free? What is the most effective way to enroll print subscribers in a print and digital bundle? With hundreds of affiliate publishers worldwide, Blinu is uniquely positioned to help you answer the important questions that will determine whether your paid model is a success. We aggregate and analyze data from across our affiliates to hone in on trends, best practices, and other insights that will help you achieve the best results.
  • Maintain the Customer Relationship: Blinu provides you the technology to sell digital subscriptions and memberships. But – unlike sales through other digital subscription services – you own the relationship with the customer. They’re your readers after all.
  • Contact us for a free Blinu consultation and demo.