Reader Revenue Platform

Last Updated: February 20, 2015
(Superseded Reader Revenue Platform dated July 13, 2013)

Blinu Offers Infinitely Flexible Payment Options

What can you charge for?

  • Metered access: Allow users to view a certain number of free articles per time period before charging. Number can be changed at any time.
  • Selected content: Designate certain articles or types of content as free and others as paid.
  • Out-of-market access: Charge differently based on whether the user is in or out of your market.
  • All-digital access: Enable users to add mobile, tablet, and e-reader access as they subscribe to your website. Offer discount incentives for multiple subscriptions.
  • How can you charge for it?

  • Monthly or annual subscriptions (most common): Traditional subscriptions that renew automatically, keeping retention rates high.
  • Day or week passes: One-time payments for unlimited access over one day or one week.
  • Print/Online Bundles: Single-price subscriptions for both print and online access; discounts on online access for current print subscribers.
  • Trial offers: Limited-time offers that automatically convert to full-priced subscriptions at the end of the trial period.
  • Donations: One-time or recurring payments in support of public-interest journalism.
  • How will you sell it?

  • Custom marketing messages: Design and author your own custom marketing message to be placed in the Blinu "lightbox". We’ll help by providing templates based on best practices from our hundreds of affiliates.
  • Subscribe Now pages: Create a "Subscribe Now" page on your website that allows your most loyal readers to subscribe immediately.
  • Promotional offers: Offer discounted digital subscription plans for select audiences.